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Raise funds for sustainable projects, support the causes that you care about & help an NGO to achieve its sustainable goals.
Help us to help survivors of human trafficking to return home
Help us to help survivors of h...

NGO : Talaash Association
Campaigner: Pavani Priya Tirumalika
SDG: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions

Total Beneficiaries: 70

Response to the needs of the beneficiaries: Rescuing The Survivor & Providing Counselling Help...

What a travller can do:
A Community Member Can Donate Money For This Cause...

Urging funds for Childrens Orphanage and to cater their daily needs
Urging funds for Childrens Orp...

NGO : Yuvatejam Trust , Ti...
Campaigner: Shaik Karimulla
SDG: Zero Hunger

Total Beneficiaries: 50

Response to the needs of the beneficiaries: This Collected Amount Will Help Orphan Children Fo...

What a travller can do:
Community Member Gets Fund To The Project, They ...

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Support a Social Cause

Donate for a cause that you stand by & help NGOs raise funds

No Commission

Entire amount raised is donated to the concerned NGOs only. We do not take any commission.

Fast & Safe Donation

Hassle-free and secure way to raise funds having multiple payment modes. Data encrypted proceeds via SSL.

Achieving SDG

All fundraisers are verified & monitored by MyTravaly’s team. We support the projects that are working towards achieving sustainable development goals.

Personalized Assistance

We support and assist our donors along with NGO'S via calls, emails & video conferencing.

Analytical Tools

User Friendly Dashboard- Seamlessly search for causes and donate with ease Analytical Tools - Enabling NGOs to track donations and other tools.

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